Mr. G.S. Khehra, PCS

The Building Plans submitted by the applicants for various categories are sanctioned by the Municipal Corporation Jalandhar accordance with the Model Building Bye Laws 2010 adopted by Municipal Corporation vide Notification No. 9/12/11-4LG1/712 dated 7.3.2011. The sanctioned Building Plans are mandatory before raising any construction within the municipal limits of Municipal Corporation. The Building Plans are entertained at the single window installed by Municipal Corporation. If the construction are raiser prior sanction of Building Plan from Municipal Corporation, their action is being taken under the relevant provisions of section 269 and 270 of PMC Act 1976 and the compoundable construction are as per Building Bye-Laws are regularised by way of realizing compromise fee and non-compoundable violation are demolished after following due procedure u/s 269 and 270 of PMC Act 1976. It is the moral duty of Municipal Corporation for the implementation of enforcement of Building Bye-Laws so that no un-authorised and non–compoundable construction is being raised within the limit of Municipal Corporation.

Similarly it is also the duty of Municipal Corporation that the T.P.Schemes are implemented strictly according to the sanctioned layout Plan of T.P.Schemes and the construction in such T.P.Schemes area are raised strictly according to the schedule of clauses of the T.P.Schemes.

The Building Plans in the non-scheme are sanctioned as per the Building Bye-Laws and in sanctioned T.P.Schemes area as per the schedule of clauses of the T.P.Schemes. The Building Plans are submitted by the applicants by depositing Building Application fee which is a process fee and remaining charges are got deposited from the applicant after sanction of Building Plan.